Marzian is a hi-gain amp based on standard Plexi circuit, with some tweaks and extra gain stages.
The power supply has some sag etc.

* 3 channels.
-Marzian channel, all tube, extreme gain.
-Crunch channel, tubes and diodes alá Jose.
-Our unique SHAPE control with Edge and Style switches shapes the two channels.
-Clean channel delivering pristine clean sound with lots of headroom.

* Power amp have Master, Presence and Depth.
-Presence 1 has a Shift switch to give the power amp a more modern and dynamic sound.
-Depth is never engaged in Clean mode.
-Depth has a Shift switch for different sounds.

* All tube Amp.
* No solid state in signal chain unless you select it
* Preamp DC regulated with soft start for longer tube life.
* Tube buffered effect loop.
* Effect loop switchable in/out.
* Hand wired with both PTP and PCB:s.

DISCLAIMER: Due to continuous improvement, all specifications are subject to change without notice.